​Possible Reason For The D-Bryan/Kane ‘Stretcher Match’

Mind Of Carnage


Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to sources, WWE creative decided to change the original plan of a Buried Alive match between Daniel Bryan and Kane at Money in the Bank to a Stretcher Match because WWE doesn’t plan on ending the feud between Bryan and Kane at the event, or whichever event Bryan will ultimately return at.

However, there is no telling yet if Bryan will even be ready to go in time for Money in the Bank. Based off previous reports, it seems unlikely he will be ready to compete again at Money in the Bank or through most of the summer but that remains to be seen.

According to sources, Vince McMahon is handling the booking of all angles involving Daniel Bryan and the WWE title while Bryan is recovering from his neck injury.

We can confirm that McMahon is now said to be making all the decisions involving the title and Bryan’s involvement on…

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