TNA vs GFW What Fans Want to know

What is the real difference between TNA and GFW? That the seems to be what wrestling fans really want to know. Lets get to the core of it, the biggest difference is other than the Carter Clan has nothing to do with it is, that Jeff Jarrett is taking time. He is taking time to do all the things that he skipped when he created TNA. He is carefully building the brand instead of just rushing into getting something half ass out there. He is going around trying to get the best talent he can to come work for him. Instead of getting whom ever wanted to can like it was in TNA. He is doing what was right with TNA in the beginning at GFW. He will be showcasing young talent with a lot of promise and cutting out a lot of the unnecessary drama.

How it is like TNA, he doesn’t have the sound backers who knows anything about the business or similar businesses. Also, he will be running shows in TNA’s current and old territory. Which will limit the amount of people who can see the shows. Realistic goal, he wants it to be at the same level as the WWE. Which is fine except that he marketing it right off the bat as the alternative when they haven’t even put any numbers yet. He did the same thing with TNA and it fell and Eric Bischoff did the same with WCW and it fell.

Who you will see there? You will see a lot of former TNA and ROH talent there along with WWE talent whom worked for them in their Indy Wrestling programs and a couple former main roster talent as well. You will see a lot of wrestlers from Japan and Mexico, so you will see a lot of high flyers like fans saw back in the early years of TNA. Their main event talent will be made up former champs from TNA and ROH with their mid carders made up of primarily former WWE talents. As of right now they want have a huge female division like they did in TNA as they want the men be developed first and if the men aren’t cutting it look for them to do what was done in TNA. For the most part look for a similar set up that TNA had right before the Bischoff/Hogan Era and right after TNA started on Spike.

In short, look for Global Force Wrestling to get a lot of TNA’s fan base that it once had and get a few followers from WWE who are tired of the same old routines, but not a real threat to either WWE or UFC fan base. Until they get a sound TV contract and brand not to be a threat to any one.