Zero-Calorie Chocolate Could Soon Become a Reality


First of all, let us say that we stand by any and all studies which suggest that chocolate is even marginally good for you and thus, we support indulging your cravings pretty much whenever. But, if you’re trying to get your fix without all those calories and sugar, then you might be in luck.

Calorie-free chocolate “Cravings” are edible strips that you place on your tongue for chocolate flavor. Remember those Listerine breath strips that were all the rage 10 years ago? Yeah, it’s the same idea. No sugar, no calories — just milk chocolate flavor dissolving on your tongue.

Creator Ian Goldfarb launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project but fell short of his funding goal. His next plan is to seek an equity investor or a bank loan so he can make Cravings a reality. He seems to believe pretty strongly that zero-calorie chocolate could…

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