Chael Sonnen out of UFC 175


It is being reported on various sites including ESPN (
That UFC’s light heavyweight champion Chael Sonnen has tested positive for two illegal substances under the NSAC and will be forced out of competing at UFC 175 against the returning vitor Belfort.

According to Sonnen both these substances are for TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy)
He then went on to say that rules or rules and that if you can’t follow them you shouldn’t be fighting. He also added that fighting without these drugs in his case is unhealthy and if he can’t find another way to manage the problem he may not be able to fight anymore.

What do all of you think about the situation? Many mma stars have had this problem including Vitor Belfort himself. Should ufc change their regulations on these types of drugs? Sound off let me know.

I will be discussing this manner in greater…

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