Slammiversary in Review

Angelina Love put her title on the line against the newly crowned number one contender, Gail Kim. I mean… obviously we’ve seen it before, but we’ve seen a lot of things before. Friends never gets old, does it? Although there is a substantial difference between the quality of the two shows…
In other news, Dixie Carter almost went through a table. But didn’t.
Angelina retains title

Now, as previously mentioned, Dixie Carter almost went through a table but didn’t. Rushing to the aid of her nephew, EC3, Dixie accidentally got herself KO’d. Bully Ray was hoping to have his way, but Rockstar Spud came to the rescue of his boss lady and pulled her out of harms way, before the falling body of Bully Ray could crush her. Let’s be honest once again. He would crush her.
All in all, not a bad showing for the Knockouts. Angelina and Gail put on a solid match, and Dixie has her presence felt. Would have been hardcore if she actually had gone through the table though, right?