Tested: 3 Apps to Combat Jet Lag


Crossing three or more time zones puts you at risk of a good case of jet lag. The greater the time shift in a single journey, the greater your symptoms: disrupted sleep, dodgy digestion and general fatigue.

Although jet lag affects people differently, adjusting to jet lag takes about a day per hour of time change, NASA’s chief of fatigue management told The New York Times. Managing your exposure to light can speed up resetting your body’s internal clock. Taking melatonin can help, too, notes the National Institutes of Health.

Our favorite way to beat jet lag? With apps, of course. Based on light exposure, sleep and melatonin, these apps deliver schedules to help you beat jet lag sooner.

Jet Lag Rooster

Swan Medical Group

The claim: Sleep at your regular hours but manipulate your light exposure before bedtime to adjust time zones more quickly.

How it works:

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