Obama emissions plan good news for renewables but is no game changer


The emission plan rolled out by President Obama this month is expected to serve as another boost of confidence for the booming renewable and clean tech sector but most analysts warned it wouldn’t be a “game changer.”

Analysts agreed that solar, wind and to a lesser degree, hydro and biomass, should be well positioned to take advantage of the Environmental Protection Agency rules which call for emissions to be cut 30% from 2005 levels by 2030. The EPA would set the carbon dioxide emission goals, but over the next two years states determine how they would make those cuts.

But most analysts doubted there would be a rush of investment into this sector, partly because most renewables are already growing, and the plan only calls for only modest reductions over the long-term. Utilities have already cut emissions 16% since 2005 so future cuts only have to be around 1% a year.

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