Marco Rubio: “We want to cure poverty”—not just alleviate its pain


MARCO RUBIO IS REHABILITATING. The Florida Senator had a bumpy 2013, during which his work toward a comprehensive immigration deal earned rightwing scorn. But as he weighs a presidential bid in 2016, the freshman Republican is reemerging with a hawkish foreign policy message and a slate of domestic prescriptions designed to form the backbone of a conservative economic agenda. Last Wednesday, he delivered a speech outlining how he’d update safety-net programs to alleviate pressure on working and middle class families. The address won praise from conservativethinkers as the first serious stab by an elected Republican at offering a new governing vision for the party — and some criticism from the left for being light on details. After the speech, Rubio sat down with Fortune in his Senate office to talk about his proposals.

You gave a speech today summarizing the work you’ve been doing over the last six months rolling…

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