Penny Dreadful Finale Recap: Fangs for the Memories


Over and over again in its first season, Showtime’s gorgeous and ghastly Penny Dreadful has shocked us. With the murders of Proteus and Van Helsing. With Ethan and Dorian’s absinthe-drenched hook-up. With performances by Eva Green as Vanessa that are so preternatural, she risks being accused of sorcery. Yet the series still managed to save a few surprises for the finale. So read on, why don’t you, and savor once again the thrills, chills and battles of wills that ran through “Grand Guignol” like so much blood through a vein.

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BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Not once but twice in the hour Vanessa gives persistent Dorian the brushoff. The second time, she explains that, in spite of the rarity of their connection, she dare not pursue it. It’s “too dangerous,” she says, for it releases something within…

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