RECAP: True Blood Watch: Lost and Found


After last week’s disappointing premiere, True Blood has a little catch-up work to do to get fans excited for the show’s final season. Luckily, they know just the way to our hearts: a steamy Jason Stackhouse–Eric Northman make-out session, straight out of an erotic fan-fiction message board’s dream. And, of course, it is just a dream (hilariously one Jason has after falling asleep in church). Eric, the once-and-future viking is still MIA, and while Pam is hot on his trail, there’s been no sight of the vamp, last seen nude sunbathing.

After last week’s church sermon, Sookie is still getting the brunt of the town’s vitriol. To make amends and prove her value (or, at least to give her character a purpose during this week’s episode), Sookie is determined to help Sheriff Andy find Arlene, Holly and Nicole. That’s when she remembers to report that she stumbled on a dead…

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