Corporate America slacked off during the World Cup — and here’s numbers to prove it


Forget about big deals. For much of Thursday afternoon last week and then again on Tuesday, corporate America put down the phones to watch Team USA — and now there’s data to prove it.

Study after study touts the billions of dollars lost during the World Cup as workers tune out email and turn on their televisions — or live stream. And some soccer-crazed countries have gone to extremes to make sure citizens can tune-in without interruption (See: Ghana).

However, these articles and estimates tend to focus on areas beyond the good ‘ole red, white and blue. America has never been known for its futbol-loving fans. But, it looks like the tide is starting to turn.

One way to judge that? Conference call data.

During Thursday’s game, U.S. call volume took a nose dive, dropping an average of 7% compared to the same time a week earlier, according to…

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