Forbes Talks What WWE World Heavyweight Champion is “Best For Business,” Is It John Cena?

Forbes has a new article, looking in-depth at who is really “Best For Business” for the WWE when having the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. To get a full comprehension of the facts and figures on this article, written by Chris Smith, click here. Below is some statements made by Smith, who says Cena as champion may not be what is really best.

When Orton wears the championship belt, WWE’s revenues tend to climb. Then again, company performance was all over the place during CM Punk’s 434-day reign, and that may be the only proof we need that WWE’s in-ring champion doesn’t actually have much impact on the company’s revenue.

To reiterate, this is obviously far from a scientific study. WWE’s total revenues include segments like DVD sales and WWE Studios, which have little to do with the ongoing in-ring action. Plus this study only looks at the revenue side; perhaps a further analysis would show that WWE’s profits surge under Cena’s title reigns. But a brief look at the numbers suggests that, popular as he is, Cena being the WWE champion isn’t necessarily the best thing for business. And who knows, maybe that means Cena’s latest title run has more to do with in-ring story telling than cashing in on young fans, and maybe, just maybe, that means he’ll do something interesting for once.
by Josh Isenberg