Complete Line-up for PWG Battle of Los Angeles

The following is the complete line-up for this yea’rs PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament, which will take place between August 29-31 in Reseda, CA. 

  1. Matt Sydal (aka Evan Bourne)
  2. Drew Gulak 
  3. Trevor Lee
  4. Chris Sabin
  5. Johnny Gargano
  6. Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins)
  7. Michael Elgin
  8. Biff Busick
  9. Kyle O’Reilly 
  10. Brian Cage
  11. ACH
  12. Zack Sabre, Jr. 
  13. Rich Swann
  14. Trent Baretta
  15. Cedric Alexander
  16. AJ Styles
  17. AR Fox
  18. Chris Hero (aka Kassius Ohno)
  19. Chuck Taylor
  20. Roderick Strong
  21. Tommaso Ciampa
  22. Adam Cole
  23. Ricochet
  24. Kenny Omega

Former winners of the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament includes Chris Bosh (not the NBA player), Davey Richards, CIMA, Low Ki, Kenny Omega, Joey Ryan, El Generico (aka Sami Zayn), Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. Out of the 9 winners, 7 went on to become PWG World Champion, 3 became Ring of Honor world champion, and 4 have gone on to work with the WWE.