Is America’s China strategy failing?


When U.S. officials meet their Chinese counterparts in Beijing Wednesday for their biannual Strategic and Economic Dialogue, they’ll be carrying out a China strategy of opening the world’s second largest economy to U.S.-style capitalism and pacifying its foreign and security policies supported for decades by most of America’s “best and brightest” – eight presidents, bipartisan Congressional majorities, the nation’s business establishment, and its top foreign policy experts and Sinologists. It’s also a strategy that is lagging badly today behind the pace of events in China and throughout East Asia, and that could backfire disastrously.

Since the Nixon administration’s opening of China in the early 1970s, the U.S. government has sought to help turn the country from an isolated, Cultural Revolution-wracked pariah into a conventional state fully integrated into international political institutions and the world economy. Washington raise this bar in 2005 by urging China to become a “responsible stakeholder” that…

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