WWE Legend Thanks Santino Marella For What He Did in WWE, Talks How He Made His Children Lau

WWE legend Mick Foley recently talked about Santino Marella in a Facebook post. He thanked Santino, who recently announced his retirement from the ring due to several neck injuries. Here is what Foley had to say:
THANK YOU SANTINOI heard that Santino Marella announced last night in Toronto that his in-ring days might be winding down due to another neck injury. If so, I’d like to send out a special thank you.”

“Thank you Santino, for making me run upstairs to find the source of my children’s huge waves of laughter, to see your dance off with Vladimir Koslov – reminding me what it was I loved about wrestling, at a time when I had briefly stopped watching.” 

“Thank you Santino, for making me jump up from Chris Giordano’s couch and cheer you on out loud while watching the 2012 Elimination Chamber.”

“Thank you for giving me one last great in-ring moment when The Sock met The Cobra – a clash for the ages.”