China’s corruption probe nets a star TV anchor


The latest target in China President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive is state media, and the broadcaster CCTV in particular. According to one tally, eight staffers from CCTV’s financial channel have been detained recently, none bigger than anchor Rui Chenggang late last week.

Rui, 37, is a star in some Chinese circles, a sharp mind, nationalistic, and unafraid to stir up controversy, like the time he successfully petitioned to remove Starbucks from the Forbidden City in Beijing.

What came to light in a Sunday article by Tencent, the Chinese Internet company, and later confirmed by China’s official Communist Party paper, People’s Daily, is that Rui held a stake in a public relations company that in turn got jobs from CCTV. It might be the most obvious form of a conflict of interest.

Rui’s PR firm, called Pegasus, was acquired by the global PR powerhouse Edelman back in 2007. Edelman…

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