Israel Accepts Egypt’s Cease-Fire Plan, but Hamas Vows to Keep Fighting


Despite previously acknowledging some “diplomatic movement,” Hamas rejected Egypt’s cease-fire plan for the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Tuesday — just moments after Israel accepted them.

The Associated Press reports that a senior Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, said Egypt’s plan for a cease-fire in Gaza was “not acceptable.”

Cairo’s proposal aimed to stop a weeklong conflict that has seen at least 185 Gazans killed.

Hamas’ armed wing had also previously rejected the Egyptian plan, according to reports citing Hamas’ official website.

Al-Qassam Brigades said on the website that excerpts from the plan published in the media indicated it was “an initiative of kneeling and submission,” reports Reuters.

“Our battle with the enemy continues and will increase in ferocity and intensity,” al-Qassam Brigades added.


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