Just for Laughs – Fluffy!

The World of Andy Lawson

I love standup comedy. That’s a fact.

I wanted to write something controversial today, but I decided against it in the end. Because I’m fearful? No, you don’t understand. The reason is only one word (okay, I know fearful is also one word. Shut up): Lazy.

Just so you know, I’m working on something…web based, internet and stuffs. And having stared into the screen of the monitor (I’M NOT PROCRASTINATING!) since morning, I’m getting a little exhausted. So what do we do when we’re tired? Well, we can enjoy a little good show.

Here’s one of my favourite stand up comedian: Fluffy aka Gabriel Iglesias. I recognise that some of the readers here who are reading this, especially from USA, are not able to watch the whole show because Fluffy blocked the streaming to your country. No thanks to the agreement stuffs. Anyways, we’re not looking at spending more than an…

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