Under the Dome Recap: Acid Trip


You know how a family dinner can get really awkward when the topic of religion comes up? That’s essentially what happens on Monday’s installment of Under the Dome, with much uglier repercussions than uncomfortable silence.

Here’s what goes down this week in Chester’s Mill:

CLOSE SHAVE | In case you were hoping for another shady Chester’s Mill resident to make his appearance, you’re in luck! Town barber Lyle Chumley (played by actor-musician Dwight Yoakam) enters the fray and quickly butts heads with Rebecca about why the dome is causing trouble. Lyle turns to the Bible to make sense of what’s going on, firmly believing that recent incidents — including a downpour of acid rain that begins at the start of the episode — are plagues indicating the forthcoming Rapture. “There’s a new God in Chester’s Mill. And it’s going to show no mercy to infidels,” he says. Okay, buddy! Meanwhile…

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