WWE Raw Recap July 14, 2014

Mind Of Carnage


Show: Raw

Author: Cade Carnage

Date: July 14, 2014

Venue: The Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA

It’s Raw on “7/14/14”, the notorious date that Sting tweeted out earlier this week hyping Raw and the possible teaser of his return.. But I hate to break it to everyone, it won’t be. You see Sting has yet to sign an official appearance deal with WWE, but has agreed upon a character deal for WWE 2K15. This 7.14.14 tweet possibly means the reveal of his pre-order character just as Ultimate Warrior had back for WWE 2K14 as seen below.

As a wrestling fan I would love for Sting to return tonight and bash people around with his bat, but in reality it’s possibly the game reveal.. Honestly I won’t complain, it’s Sting and this just inches us closer to his return to the WWE. Last we saw him in a WWE ring…

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