LeapFrog’s new game console is like the Wii, but for younger kids


John Barbour, CEO of interactive toy maker LeapFrog, was in a videogame store recently and asked the employees behind the counter if customers ever ask for games for younger children.

Their response: “Only every day.”

That’s a problem the education-focused toy company is hoping to solve. After years of development, LeapFrog is entering the multi-billion-dollar console gaming business with the launch of its newest gaming system, the LeapTV console that will hit retail shelves in time for the upcoming holiday season. The $150-system is designed for younger kids, generally between 3 and 8 years old, and has a transforming gaming controller and a motion-sensing camera.

“For many parents who buy their kids videogame systems, [LeapTV] is less than half the price than most videogame systems out there,” Barbour told Fortune. “We are bringing the benefits of videogame play to younger kids, at a lower costs, and with totally appropriate…

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