Saturday’s Hot Toys: Guardians of the Galaxy

So Nerdy It Hurts

The Legends of the GotG are awesome. Rocket Raccoon is by far the best though. These are currently everywhere from Toys R Us to Walmart and Target. You shouldn’t have any problem getting these at all.

The 2.5″ figures and Space Ships are at Walmart and Toys R US as well. These are the real surprise, I had no faith in this line what so ever and I am very IMPRESSED by these figures. They are reminiscent of the MASK toyline in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 4 points of articulation but so detailed they are worth it.  Both Rocket Raccoon figs are great but Rocket with Gun in hand is by fair the best figure in the line. All 3 space ships are worth the price tag. I think Marvel has a hit on their hands and there is nothing that looks like that will change. Like I said I…

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