A Craigslist ad gone wrong: Zuckerberg’s Facebook ownership saga just won’t die


Sometime in November, Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”] founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will make an appearance in a Manhattan courtroom to testify against a Buffalo businessman who once claimed he owned part of the social network.

You’d think that the head of a $178 billion company would have better things to do than testify against a man who once pleaded guilty to possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms and was accused of defrauding customers through a now-defunct wood pellet manufacturing business. But that’s the beauty of the American justice system; when the courts come calling, even Mark Zuckerberg has to answer.

And the Facebook CEO’s time on the stand is sure to be entertaining, considering the odd set of circumstances that will have led him there.

It started back in 2003, when Paul Ceglia, the defendant in the case, posted a Craigslist ad seeking a programmer to help him develop a website called StreetFax.com…

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