WWE SummerSlam and Beyond

The latest SummerSlam’s main event is set—Lesnar vs. John Cena. Can that bout be as captivating as Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog, Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker or Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk?

SummerSlam’s timeline is chock-full of classics, but it’s not without its forgettable snoozers. A great SummerSlam has far more of the former and a slim helping of the latter.

Jack Swagger Feud with Rusev Should Roll into SummerSlam and Beyond

Triple H and Michael Cole are back for their weekly sitdown interview. Below are some highlights:
* Regarding Stephanie McMahon being arrested on RAW, Triple H said he has been advised not to speak about the case because of pending legal action. Cole asked how she was and Triple H got upset, telling him to move on.

He picked Brock Lesnar to face John Cena at SummerSlam because he made a guarantee that Cena wouldn’t leave that pay-per-view as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s going to fulfill that guarantee and Lesnar is the man to do that. He said Lesnar will get the job done.

Cole asked about putting WWE’s biggest franchise Superstar in the ring with the man who may have ended The Undertaker’s career. Triple H said it’s good for business and the WWE Universe wants to see Cena have the best possible competition. His job isn’t to protect Cena because he sells t-shirts. Triple H said Cena has done a lot of things and been a lot for WWE but when the time comes, WWE will move on. If Lesnar ends Cena’s career, so be it.

Cole congratulated Triple H on the one year anniversary of the Performance Center in Orlando. Triple H said it has been an amazing year and the Center is a big step into the future for WWE. He says the talents have advantages no stars before them had and that will make for a better WWE. He added that the future for WWE is bright indeed.