Bill Goldberg Speaks Out On A Potential Return To WWE, Jericho and More

Mind Of Carnage

Source:  The Phoenix New Times

Bill Goldberg recently spoke about a possible return to WWE and more. Here are the highlights…

Why His Podcast Is Different From Other Podcasts: “At the end of the day, man, the reason I did the podcast is because I went through my Rolodex and thought, “There has to be a way to take advantage of all the cool people that I know.” So, in the beginning, by not [featuring] wrestlers, I wouldn’t be able to gain that much traction as the other guys, but I’m not at all like the other guys. I’m different. I’m not a wrestler. I am a football player who looked at wrestling as a business. I do not live it, I do not breathe it, I do not eat it and shit it like everybody else does. And I truly believe that there’s a lot more interesting content…

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