Showdown at the B.Y.O.D. corral


When mobile devices entered the world—first laptops, then early smartphones like the BlackBerry—the IT departments of large companies were the first to adopt them. Today, consumers drive adoption, purchasing cutting-edge technology on their own dime for their own use, forcing their companies to react to the reality that their employees often have better technology at their disposal at home than they do at work.

At first, IT departments did what you’d expect: refuse the sudden influx of personal devices in the workplace, often for very good reasons like security. But it’s a losing battle for many organizations, particularly those whose employees aren’t handling state secrets or financial results. The answer: “Bring your own device” programs that allow people to use their personal devices at work—provided they agree to some restrictions.

Though BYOD programs were instituted to ease tensions between employees and their companies, it turns out there’s still plenty to…

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