The Rock Talks His Breakfast Meals

The Rock recently did a much different interview, this time with Interview Magazine. Below are some of the highlights and the full article can be read here.

On what The Rock eats for breakfast:

“My typical breakfast: seven oz. filet, two whole eggs, four oz. of plain oatmeal, two English muffinsm one-half cup of blueberries.

On if he regrets anything:

“I regret not listening to my gut sooner. It happens to all of us, where our gut, God, or the universe is screaming at us, but we’re so attached to a certain outcome that we miss that window to take action, Hopefully, we become wiser for it down the road.

On his beauty secrets:

“Exfoliate, eat smart, train hard, stay hydrated and have amazing gorilla sex- in terms of heat and aggression, not sex with an actual gorilla.”

When does The Rock get nervous:

“When I was in my very early 20s, my parents had a tumultuous relationship, and when my phone would ring in the middle of the night, it usually meant I would hear my mom crying on the other end. I hated that. It made me nervous. They’ve since divorced and are good friends. Not much makes me nervous these days.

Craziest thing a fan sent:

“Fans send me pictures of tattoos that they’ve gotten- of my face, a quote I’ve said, or of my Polynesian tattoo. It’s all love-crazy love- but it’s still love and I’ll take it.