MH17 Recovery Team Forced to Halt Work in Ukraine’s Killing Fields


Ukraine PlaneA pro-Russian, left, guards the road as Australian, Malaysian and Dutch investigators prepare to examine the area of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, near the village of Rossipne, Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, Aug. 5, 2014. AP

The Dutch-led recovery team for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 got off their bus in single file, neatly stacked their body armor on the ground and lined up for roll call. They looked exhausted, dusty and half-starved after another day among the wreckage of the airliner that was shot down on July 17. But at least the day’s search had gone well. They had found some more personal belongings of the nearly 300 people killed in the disaster, as well as some human remains which, in the words of one of the forensics experts, “could be mistaken for pieces of wood” after laying for more than two weeks in the fields of eastern Ukraine.

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