Add faulty bar exam tech to law grads’ long list of grievances


No doubt about it, law students have it rough.

Only about two-thirds of them land a job after graduation that actually requires the degree they just earned, and nearly all of them accrue a large load of debt in the process—an average of about $100,000 per student.

This pain is wholly self-inflicted, but that hasn’t stopped law students from suing to stem it. A few years back, recent grads filed a slew of lawsuits accusing their alma maters of duping them with exaggerated job placement stats.

This week, a law grad named Phillip Litchfield launched a fresh round of litigation when he filed a class action suit against the maker of bar exam software that he said “woefully underperformed” when tens of thousands of law grads used it to take the three-day test last month.

The defendant in the case is Florida-based ExamSoft Worldwide, the leading developer and…

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