I Turned Down The Offer To Join A SGD$7 million Turnover Firm, and Here’s Why.

The World of Andy Lawson

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Few days back, I ended a call with a business person, whom I hold with high regard. It wasn’t quite a pleasant discussion over the phone, in case you wonder. My wife looked at me in the eyes as I was slipping it back into my pocket and asked, “Was he offended?”

That’s all you need to know how much my wife and I care about respecting him.

But I had my feet firm on the ground I am standing, and I’m not exactly looking at shifting my position if you know what I mean. Perhaps you are lost here. Let me re-structure the whole information outline.

Mr Businessman called me, urging me (or from my perspectives, attempting to make me follow his wishes aka manipulating me) to join him in his business on the pretext of giving me a whole new opportunity to do what I want…

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