Want more women in the C-suite? Start with the supply chain


Before taking over as chief executive of General Motors [fortune-stock symbol=”GM”], Mary Barra served as the automaker’s executive vice president of global product development, purchasing, and supply chain. The leap to the top job seems logical, but compared to her peers, Barra stands relatively alone. There just aren’t that many women at the top of the supply chain heap to begin with.

Women account for 37% of students enrolled in university supply chain courses, but only 5% of top-level supply chain positions at Fortune 500 companies are filled by women, according to SCM World, a research firm that studies corporate supply chains. In comparison, women hold 15% of all executive officer positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Getting more women atop supply chain management is a major part of getting more women into the C-suite, says Beth Ford, executive vice president and chief supply chain and operations officer at Land O’Lakes…

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