Morning Must Reads: August 28


Tug of War

President Barack Obama and lawmakers in Congress are mulling whether he needs formal authorization to expand the fight against the militant group ISIS, a politically perilous question for both sides as the midterm elections loom

Uncle Sam Wants a Gram

Calling all pot farmers: the federal government is looking to buy, soliciting proposals to “harvest, process, analyze, store and distribute” cannabis

Israel and Gaza Count War’s Cost

Israeli and Palestinian leaders set out Wednesday to explain to constituents what was achieved during the latest fighting between the two sides

Russia Blasted for Escalating Ukraine War

Ukrainian and U.S. officials accused Moscow of sending heavily armed columns across the border into southeastern Ukraine on Wednesday — a move seen as part of a “Russian-directed counteroffensive” against Ukrainian forces in the five-month-old conflict

Apple Loses Bid to Ban Sales of Samsung Phones

A U.S. judge rejected Apple’s bid to…

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