Pizza Hut is testing out a ‘skinny slice’


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By Jack Linshi, TIME

Pizza Hut is testing out “skinny slices” in two U.S. cities for those who are trying to cut calories without cutting their favorite foods, the Associated Press reports.

In Toledo, Ohio, customers will be able to create an entire pie of skinny slices with up to five toppings, with each slice under 300 calories. In West Palm Beach, Fla., customers will have a selection of six pre-set skinny slice pies, with each slice under 250 calories.

The caloric reduction is due to using less dough and fewer toppings, a Pizza Hut spokesman told the AP.

A non-skinny slice of Pizza Hut pizza ranges from 180 calories (12″ medium Thin ‘N Crispy Veggie Lover’s) to 470 calories (14″ large pan Meat Lover’s), according to Pizza Hut’s nutrition information.

Pizza Hut’s lighter…

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