Top 5 SuperStars WWE Should Drop

Mind Of Carnage


The WWE is full of amazing talents who have shown what their worth and have delivered some truly amazing matches… But, there are some that many question why WWE still have them around. Here is my top 5 list of talents WWE should drop and why.

  1. Xavier Woods

I understand the highly educated Xavier Woods is being used to establish the modern day Nation of Domination, but other than trying to be a mouth piece for the group; or walk around in fashionable clothing, what else has this man established? Being brutally assaulted by Rusev on multiple occasions? Having a semi-tag team with R-Truth which failed miserably? Nothing has kept the WWE universes attention on Woods and if he should provide us with anything exceptional down the road. But it doesn’t mean he’ll be a failure in the business. Woods has some potential and shows great agility in the ring…

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