WWE Monday Night Raw 11/24/14…Get ‘Er Done

From A Fan's Perspective

Tonight, a new era has begun.  The Authority are not in charge, after Team Cena defeated Team Authority, with Dolph Ziggler surviving a 3 on 1 disadvantage.  We also saw Sting inside a WWE ring, going face to face with HHH.

So the question becomes who is in charge?

And oh yeah, our special guest tonight is Larry The Cable Guy.

Raw is in 10 minutes.

We see footage from last night when Sting made his WWE in-ring debut.

Even when they aren’t supposed to be in “power”, The Authority kicks off the show.

They expected this kind of reaction tonight, because we don’t understand the word respect.  We don’t know what its like being a leader, and accept responsibility for their actions.

Team Authority would have won last night, if it hadn’t been for one man, who had never stepped foot in the WWE ring, and that man is…

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