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Big Update: Kurt Angle Reportedly Pitching a Return Deal to WWE, Is Vince McMahon Interested in an Angle Return?

According to The Wrestling Observer, Kurt Angle has been pitching a deal to WWE officials which would see him return to the company and work a schedule similar to that of Shawn Michaels in his final years with the company.

The return deal would see Angle work limited dates and bigger events.

Despite Angle’s pitches, however, WWE is reportedly not very interested in Kurt Angle returning to the ring, and Vince McMahon has been very negative about an Angle return in the past. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company won’t bring him back, but WWE might be more interested in him returning similarly to how Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have returned, which is not in an in-ring capacity.
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Alberto Del Rio Breaks His Silence Since His WWE Release, Announces His Next Pro Wrestling Move

The AAA promotion out of Mexico has released the following video, during which recently released WWE star Alberto Del Rio confirms he will be returning to AAA at the TripleMania XXII event this Sunday in Mexico.

As we reported earlier tonight, due to Del Rio’s 90-day no compete clause with WWE it’s highly unlikely he will be wrestling at the TripleMania event.

The following is a translation of what Del Rio says in the video:

“Hello aficionados of Mexico and AAA, the boss is back. What better place to call my home than AAA. Thanks for all the supporters and you guys know there is quality wherever the boss is, and there is quality in AAA. There is no better place to go. See you soon and God bless you.”

Paul Heyman On If Brock Lesnar Is Happy In WWE

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar could return to the Octagon – if he decided that was the career path he wanted to take again, according to his manager and friend Paul Heyman.
Lesnar, currently an active member of the WWE roster, retired from MMA after a loss to Alistair Overeem. He defeated the likes of Frank Mir and Shane Carwin during his run.

“I think he’s very, very happy right now with what we’re doing in WWE,” Heyman said, during an interview on The MMA Hour which you can see in the video above (thanks to for the quotes). “It’s (returning to fight in UFC) not a subject he has to think about. If the deal ends up over in WWE, if a change of circumstances happens, and if it’s a no-brainer to get him back into the cage, I’m sure it’s something he’d consider. Right now, it’s not a topic of conversation. Why would you mess up the WWE deal?”

Lesnar was a standout collegiate wrestler and had a successful run with the pro wrestling promotion before trying out for the NFL. After that, he embarked on a career in mixed martial arts. Overeem, the last man to face Lesnar, called him out following a recent win over Mir – something that did not sit too well with Lesnar, says Heyman.

“He was unimpressed,” he said. “He thought Alistair should call out people who are in the UFC and people he could draw money with.”

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