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Can You Really Trust the Health News You Read Online?


Are science-backed headlines bad for your health? A new study published in The BMJ shows that you can’t always trust what conclusions news stories draw about the latest research.

Researchers wanted to look at how often press coverage misrepresents scientific studies. So they analyzed 462 press releases from 20 leading research universities in the UK, comparing their claims to those found in the peer-reviewed paper on which they were based. After analyzing the news stories those press releases generated, the researchers traced whether the papers’ claims got inflated in translation to mainstream media. They focused on three main types of exaggeration: flawed health recommendations to change their behavior based on the “findings”; a causal association when a merely correlational one existed; and the application of animal data to the health of humans.

A full 40% of press releases contained exaggerated advice, 33% drew causative conclusions from mere correlation, and 36%…

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HBO CTO Otto Berkes resigns


HBO’s chief technology officer Otto Berkes has resigned, according to a memo obtained by Variety. The resignation comes on the heels of a report today from Fortune regarding speculation that Berkes would be fired or demoted this week.

HBO is gearing up to launch an “over the top” streaming service that will allow customers to subscribe to HBO without buying a traditional cable package. The service is expected to launch in April, but HBO’s management did not have faith that Berkes’ team could build the technology required to support the service. HBO’s streaming service for subscribers, called HBO Go, crashed several times this year.

HBO struck a deal to license software from MLB Advanced Media to operate its new streaming service. That means Berkes’ internal project, called “Maui,” is dead. Berkes resigned, citing that as a top reason for his departure.

From his memo:

Recently HBO’s management…

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Sons of Anarchy Sold Kick-Ass Biker Feminism at the Barrel of an AK-47


You can sell feminism with AK-47s. That is what I learned from Sons of Anarchy. I used to think the problem was that men were against feminism; turns out it is women who hate it. Men just needed better packaging.

Give men a body count with motorcycles and they love women’s lib. For the last seven years, I have watched all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, the FX version of “Hamlet”—if Denmark was riding around on Harley-Davidsons in northern California. I have watched Jax, the president of the motorcycle club, marry an astonishing neonatal surgeon. I have seen a 60-year-old grandmother be powerful and hot in high heels. I have seen working mothers with excellent daycare. This has happened on a television show that is enormously popular with the thug testosterone demographic.

Alert Gloria Steinem: Feminism has won!

Of course, Sons of Anarchy is mostly bad to…

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