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Sony Will Bring a Female Superhero to the Big Screen–Finally




When Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked when Marvel would produce a movie with a female lead, he was noncommittal. “I hope we do it sooner rather than later,” he said. Thankfully we don’t have to wait for Marvel to get with the times, because rival Sony is moving forward with a female superhero. The studio has hired Lisa Joy (a writer on Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies) to create a female-centered story for the Spider-Man Universe, Deadline reports. We don’t know which character will star in the film, but Spider-Woman (a fashion designer genetically altered by Doc Oc), Silver Sable (a mercenary who runs her own company), and Black Cat (a reformed burglar and detective) are all possibilities.

Last year, only 15 percent of Hollywood’s top 100 movies featured female protagonists. But an overdue change is coming, both thanks to recent box office success from female-centered action movies like The Hunger Games and Lucy, but also due to an increasingly female audience. When Guardians of the Galaxy opened last weekend, it became the first Marvel Comics film for which 40 percent of the audience was female. Women made up 50 percent of all ticket buyers for Lucy.

We’re ready for a female superhero, and one that plays more than a supporting role. Even more than an impressive fighter or brilliant scientist, we hope she’ll also be a nuanced, unpredictable character, unlike any superhuman we’ve seen before.

Photo credit: Geek League of America