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Horrified Viewers Demand That NBC Cancel “Shark Hunters

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—they play an important role in our oceans. Stop Supporting the Killing of Sharks >https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nbc-nbcsn-cancel-sharkhunters-cancelsharkhunters-shark 


By Melissa Cronin

Nigella Lawson Barred From U.S. Over Drugs

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was last in headlines during her court appearance, and now she’s making them again, but this time outside of the courtroom.

“The TV cook admitted taking cocaine during the trial of her former personal assistants for theft. Authorities in the U.S. say people who have admitted drug taking can be deemed inadmissible.”

The Daily Mail reports the 54-year-old was boarding a flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles when she learned she couldn’t board.

Metro reports she even went past security and checked in before being told she couldn’t board. Which is a big problem – if she can’t get to the States, her job could be in trouble.

Lawson’s a judge on the American cooking talent show “The Taste.” It begins with sixteen competitors all vying for the approval of the four of the world’s notable chefs.

It’s been a rough time for Lawson, first with her headlines about abuse by her ex husband, a divorce and then the trial against her former personal assistants.

But NBC points out Lawson isn’t alone. Other celebrities have been barred from flying to the U.S. too.

“Other celebrities have been convicted of drug offenses have been barred from travel to the U.S. Boy George and the late Amy Winehouse among them. Lawson has not been convicted of her admitted drug use, let alone convicted.”

NBC got confirmation from homeland security that Lawson had been barred because of “admissibility standards.” No updates yet on what Lawson’s next move is, though she can apply to have the ban lifted.

Emotions run high at cliff-pushing newlywed trial

Prosecutors Seek Life For Bride Who Pushed Husband Off Cliff

Federal prosecutors want Jordan Graham, the Montana newlywed who allegedly killed her husband by pushing him off a cliff, to be locked up for life.

That recommendation was submitted in pre-sentencing documents filed Tuesday according to the U.S. State District Court)

KPAX explains “Prosecutors are calling Graham extremely dangerous, predatory, an unrepentant murderer. And they recommend she be sentenced to the upper range of her potential punishment.” (Via )

Back in December, WBNS explains Graham admitted to  pushing her husband of just eight days off a cliff. She says they had an argument while visiting Glacier National Park, and she was using self-defense.

During her trial, Graham accepted a plea bargain, admitting to second degree murder.

Graham’s attorneys, though, argue she should only be sentenced for up to 10 years, with five years of supervised release following.  (Via NBC)

KECI reports friends and family have submitted letters supporting both sides of the argument. Graham’s former best friend wrote:

“Please do not let her off with a slap on the wrist … She needs to understand that it is not ok to murder and lie.”
On the other hand, her step-father wrote, “I feel in my heart she did not intentionally harm anyone.”

The judge is expected to hand down Graham’s prison sentence next Thursday.